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VERVAIN Roots 'n Bean in a glass canister on a white base.

Roots 'n Bean




This delicious blend of Chickory, Dandelion and Cacao delivers a tasty, rich alternative to regular coffee with less caffeine.  With Chickory supporting overall balance, Dandelion supporting digestion and Cacao for its rich taste that is full of anti-oxidants. 

  • Policies

    Refunds/Return Policy:

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, a full refund is offered within 7 days of purchase, less the cost of returning the product to VERVAIN.

    Shipping Policy & Notes:

    Shipping costs are on the rise; however, VERVAIN strives to keep costs affordable and will share in the shipping costs too.

    There is a flat fee for shipping. Shipping cost varies depending on location.

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