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VERVAIN 'T' Light Beeswax Candles, 2 boxes of 6 on a white base.

Reiki-Infused Natural Beeswax ‘T’ light Candles - Dozen


2 Boxes of 6.

These handcrafted, non-toxic, natural beeswax tea lights, are dense and slow burning.  They support mindfulness and calmness with connection to whatever brings you comfort.


Each natural beeswax tea light has been made in ceremony after being smudged and then infused with healing Reiki energy.  The light from the candle’s flame reinforces this energy into the space.


Reiki is a healing practice that is connected to the Universal Energy or a Vital Life Force that supports awareness to the energy for the HIGHEST and BEST good. 

  • Policies

    Refunds/Return Policy:

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, a full refund is offered within 7 days of purchase, less the cost of returning the product to VERVAIN.

    Shipping Policy & Notes:

    Shipping costs are on the rise; however, VERVAIN strives to keep costs affordable and will share in the shipping costs too.

    There is a flat fee for shipping. Shipping cost varies depending on location.

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